Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Street Style:Rue Lafayette

While on one of our many shopping adventures near Galeries Lafayette, we saw this wonderful woman just crossing the street and ran after her to capture her greatness on film. Truly, she just screamed “I am just splendid and unlike most of the world, I can pull of a wild black and white fuzzy jacket and patent leather men’s shoes and look pretty darn amazing". She was that great. When up close, we could see her heavy cat eyes and red lipstick and the detail of her adorable ruffled umbrella. Plus the way she used her dog as an accessory was just amazing. The angle is misleading, but he must have been at least three yards behind her when we snapped this photo. Overall, she's my French inspiration for life.

Live well, Dress better,

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Street Style: Sainte Anne

Chloe, a 16 year old local lycéenne we met on the streets of Rennes, redefines the classic school girl look. She pairs her serious navy blue blazer with more playful denim cutoffs, and her tights make this ensemble winter appropriate. What we love most about her outfit are her accessories, though – who can resist those nerd glasses or big blue Blair Waldorf-esque bow? We give her A+ for effort and finished product.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Time Out with Melanie Medina

Wearing: Vintage blazer, mustard vest, & black fur collar/Black patterned leggings/Mark Fisher hiking boots, unknown FABULOUS sunglasses.

Everything Melanie Likes, We Like.

17 year old LA native blogger Melanie Medina has some serious style. Bound to be the next Karla's Closet, we simply can't resist her edgy yet sweet ensembles. Her always effortless blends of vintage chic and modern designers always leaves us hanging for more.

Wearing: Vintage mustard blazer, sunglasses ,shoes, bag & scarf/"Stormy Night" leggings.

Designer Dreams and Handy High Fives: "Because I'm just an all-time shoe fanatic, my favorite shoe designer has to be Jeffrey Campbell. He's a genius. I would love to be able to meet him in person or design a shoe for him .. or just give him a high five. Gosh, that would be a dream come true. (Yes, I dream about designing shoes for Jeffrey Campbell & giving him high fives.)"

Retro Rêves : "If I had a time machine, I'd definitely set the date to 1960. I'd want to live where fashion was taking a turn & where something revolutionary was happening -- personal expression was at an all time high. When it comes to fashion, women wore extravagant clothes with an added edge. Short hair, long hair, men, women; everyone accepted everyone. Art, fashion, music; everything made sense."

Wearing: Vintage knit cardigan, mustard shorts & belt/Sheer black shirt.

Shopping Seductions
: "As close as I live to the heart of Los Angeles, I have to say my "hotspot" -- regarding places to shop -- is a triple-tie between Melrose Vintage in Uptown Whittier, Value Village in Bellflower, and American Vintage in Fullerton. I always fall in love with something at either one of these places. Always. Not joking."

Like Muddah like Daughtah : "I'm extremely family-oriented so I have to say my biggest inspiration has to be my mother who taught me to appreciate everything in any form. She was also very big on fashion in the 80's. Such a snazzy-looking woman! She hates when I look at old photos of her because I end up asking her why she didn't save any of her shoes. What are the odds of a mother & daughter having the same size feet!? The way a person dresses tells who they are & what kind of person they are, so I feel like who I am inspires what I wear as well."

Wearing: Vintage sequin cardigan & white booties; Uo eagle t-shirt; AA shorts.

Vintage= History :" I believe that every vintage piece of clothing that I own has a different story to tell, so I love them all equally. Same goes with shoes! But if I had to choose a favorite, I'd have to say that I am completely in love with my black balmain jacket with gold trimming. It screams elegance! Amongst the piles of shoes in my closet, I have a ton of oxfords (they'll forever be my life-long lovers). My favorite pair is the most gorgeous black Mark Fisher oxords I snagged from American Vintage. They were the first thing my eyes met at the store. Fate, I tell you! FATE!"

Chips, Fashion Week and Agyness Deyn : "My love for writing reaches the stars - but the sky is never the limit when it comes to my love for fashion. I want to incorporate both in my life's career so I'm studying to become a fashion journalist. The best of both worlds! I'd also like to go to New York Fashion Week & hang out with Agyness Deyn for like, a day. You know -- go shopping, drink tea, eat fish 'n chips! She seems so friendly! That's considered part of a plan, RIGHT?!"

Wearing: Vintage gray jacket ,button-up shirt, bag & belt/AA black trousers/Oxfords

Famous Last Words : "My personal style reflects who I am as a person -- hence the word "personal." As feminine as I dress, I always add something edgy to balance an outfit. I'm a reincarnated 60's rebel who secretly loves to watch ballet. It doesn't hurt to stand out in a crowd, either."

isn't she just precious?
To see more, check out her fabulous blog.

I dont know about you, but we're heading over tout de suite.

Live Well, Dress Better,

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Someone's Been Gossiping About Us...

links a la mode

...but we don't mind.

One of our articles was recently featured on one of the best fashion blogging communities out there, Independent Fashion Bloggers. All we can say is that we couldn't be more honored.

Click here to read the feature

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Time Out with Monsieur Bazin

Monsieur Bazin is the very definition of class. He’s going into his 25th year teaching French literature to us eager Americans and we thought it was about time that his impeccable style was recognized. His brown patent leather shoes, Ralph Lauren button downs, and tweed blazers are some of the staples in his closet. Mr. Bazin bikes to school every day showing up in consistently classic ensembles. Not only is he known for his innate savoir faire, he is known for breaking up discussions of Les Fables de la Fontaine with the occasional James Bond impersonation. Recently he took a break from French literature to talk fashion.

His favorite designers say it all: “I love Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Lacroix. I like wearing classic clothes, but at the same time, I prefer to see something adventurous on others.”

Early riser: “In general, when I wake up, I think about how happy I am to be awake. I love waking up early. I find that I am more efficient in the morning than in the evening.”

Lucky strike: “I didn’t originally want to become a teacher. When I was young, I wanted my job to involve telling a story of some sort: I bounced between wanting to be a comedian, a lawyer, and a priest. I sort of stumbled across the job by chance. was lucky in the sense that my job corresponded with something that I was passionate about and I continue to be passionate about.”

Inspirations: Baudelaire et Rimbaud

Flashback to the Sixties: “The sixties were full of life for me. I was young, and it was a period of extreme excitement and passion.”

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Time Out with Brett Bailey

Wearing Mercura sunglasses, peace sign Philip Lim shirt, Pierre Balmain vintage blazer, Karl Lagerfeld Chinchilla helmet and, of course cheese wiz. Classy.

Love Bailey?
I know we do. Brett Bailey, a high-fashion sylist who's styled photoshoots for everyone from Rachel Bilson to Shaun Ross (the first albino male model) is like no one else we've met...which might explain why we were left awestruck after our interview with him this weekend. His unconventional ways seem to have gotten their start from his unconventinal catapult into the industry. As someone who started out as a primo ballerino whose troop was asked to be in a photoshoot for Vogue, he got a peek inside the industry that most of us can only dream about. All it took was a glimpse of Chanel hanging on the dressing racks and he was hooked for life.

After meeting him at fine dressmaking courses this summer, I recently got back in contact with him for a brief Q&A .

He simply can’t live without: Victor and Rolf....Gaultier, Givenchy and his favorite Vietnamise dish "Pho" from L.A resturaunt and hotspot, Absolutely Phobulous.

Favorite Flashback : Brett's a huge fan of the 70's: "The music, the art, Studio 54, Andy Warhol. It was a time of liberation.There are distinct moments from that era that have influenced so much of today." And, of course, he's fond of all the other wonderful things that have to do with the 70's that we can't write about. However his main inspiration is nothing more than the idea that everything must live up to the words "excessive pleasure".

Famous Last Words:: "Sexual"....nice.

Still not hooked? check out his latest collaberation with music video director Sergio Greko.

or take a look at the photoshoot he styled for Rachel Bilson.

or his work for Blend magazine

That about wraps up our newest fixation... to get yours heard over to www.lovebailey.com

Live well, Dress better

Street Style: Rue de la Monnaie

We're lovin' this new look we're seeing on the streets. Frenchies these days are starting to branch out from the french rainbow (navy, black, grey and, if we dare, maroon) and try fresh new shades such as ivory and rose. With the temperature plummiting a bit more each day, it's nice to see things livened up a bit with the perkiness of spring tones and the lightness of tulle and childish stripes.

Congratulations to Camilla, from Rennes, France, winner of the La Société t-shirt contest!
Thanks to all who participated. The Society adores you.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Get in Formation with Combat Boots

The transformation is shocking. We’ve gone from light and airy summer ease to dystopian, gray winter style. We saw inklings of this strict militant style with the onset of October, but our suspicions weren’t substantiated until we were leafing through a copy of Vogue Hommes International where there was a feature article on the rise of military boots as one of the must-haves for winter. Even women have been getting in on the trend.


We can’t blame them though. The military boot is the best of both worlds – it is extremely durable while sending a powerful message to passerby. It says that you are strong, that you aren’t scared to take on a challenge. You are willing to get dirty to get what you want. All of the above make this a trend worth following for the coming winter. The great thing about these boots is that you can get them literally anywhere – even your local Salvation Army. Worn down is the key word for finding these boots. If you keep that in mind, you will create a powerful outfit that will make people wonder who you are and what your story is. The military boot mixed with a nice wool coat makes you look simultaneously classic and rugged. You can find these boots anywhere and they don’t need to be designer by any means. From what we’ve seen, we’d highly recommend anything ranging from Kris Van Assche and Alexander McQueen, to H&M.


And Kenzo just for kicks


These Mosschino boots are undeniably amazing!

Go find a pair, and that's an order!

Alec Aldrich

Friday, December 11, 2009



Last weekend, while taking a day trip to St.Malo, I discovered all sorts of wonderful new stores. One in particular I feel into a deep passionate love with that I didnt even know was possible, espically considering the clothing they sell is only for men.Il s'appelle Jules, a Forever 21 equivalent for the male persuasion that has everything from suits to sweaters, all très bon marché but high on style.It's a men's store, I know, but the shopping atmosphere was so alluring, the music was equally as enticing and the models were ...well, not too shabby.What can I say?. I simply, absolutely , couldn't resist.

Live well, Dress Better


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Street Style: Rue d'Orléans

We ran across these two fanshionistos today in le centre ville and couldn't get over their "French lycée meets american teenager" look. The Nike's track shoes add some whimsy to the seriousness of their coats, and skinny jeans make a smooth transition between the two. Plus, in all honesty, we simply can't resist a guy with a Longchamps man-bag. Seriously, Frenchies know how it's done.


Rebecca, Alec, Madeline and Maddy

Monday, December 7, 2009

Time Out with Shonni Enelow

This past week we were lucky enough to have
Shonni Enelow, writer for The New York Times Style Magazine, drop by our school. Shonni, the daughter of our beloved English teacher, is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Pennsylvania after spending her undergraduate years at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She decided to stop by Rennes during her most recent trip to France, a country that she is no stranger to: she spent several months living in France during her high school and college years. She found some time out of her busy schedule to catch up with us, share her favorite fashion finds, and talk about how her experience in France has undeniably shaped her current style.

She can’t live without: A.P.C., Acne, Dries Van Noten, Vanessa Bruno, Whyred, and 3.1 Phillip Lim. For accessories and party clothes, she prefers vintage.

Self-described as: Jean Seberg meets punk minimalism.

Don’t write her off as a drama dork: “I was an undergraduate at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where I majored in Theater. I'm now getting a PhD at Penn in Comparative Literature.

Modest beginnings: “I always loved dress-up. High school was hard because I was this kind of arty punk in a sea of prep. When I got to Tisch, I felt like I'd arrived. I wore '60s minidresses and go-go boots to class. I was surrounded by artists, and we all sort of inspired each other, aesthetically. I've toned it down a lot since then, but I'm still inspired by the louche provocation of the nouvelle vague.”

All roads lead to Paris: "I spent three months in France as a high school freshman, another month as a sophomore. Then, between college and grad school, I went back and lived in Paris. I spend as much time there as possible. I love speaking French; I think that language has an enormous effect on how we think and behave. French dressing tends to be understated, which I love, and less conformist than American fashion (although New York is definitely an exception!). I also tend to associate French fashion with my very chic aunt Patsy, who lives in Paris. She is precise but she always knows when to stop. She's also the one who originally took me to cut my hair off, when I was 14; I've had it boy-short pretty much ever since."

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Designer Aspirations: Part 1

Bonjour tout le monde! For my section, “Designer Aspirations” I’ll be keeping you guys updated with what I’m doing in Rennes to pursue my dream of being a fashion designer. Unlikely...well, yeah, but I'm still holding onto that 1/1,000,000 chance. So, until then, I’m designing out of a cardboard box and sewing with a rusted machine - I’m not giving up. In any case, my most recent endeavor was one of the best yet. I spent a week going around Rennes, harassing all the dressmakers and tailors in town with my presence and somehow I landed an apprenticeship with one of the best wedding dress designers and hat makers in France. Each day for a week I rang in, walked up to her studio, and sewed for 4 hours, all while attempting to make conversation in French (it got pretty ugly). She had me make a wedding veil and organza flowers, and after approving my workmanship, had me work on the dresses. It. Was. Ideal. In order to use her studio footage on the site, The Society agreed not to include her name (famous people can be so touchy!) but, nonetheless, we managed to sneak it in the video. See if you can pick it out. Until next time,

Live well, Dress Better,