Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Designer Aspirations: Part 1

Bonjour tout le monde! For my section, “Designer Aspirations” I’ll be keeping you guys updated with what I’m doing in Rennes to pursue my dream of being a fashion designer. Unlikely...well, yeah, but I'm still holding onto that 1/1,000,000 chance. So, until then, I’m designing out of a cardboard box and sewing with a rusted machine - I’m not giving up. In any case, my most recent endeavor was one of the best yet. I spent a week going around Rennes, harassing all the dressmakers and tailors in town with my presence and somehow I landed an apprenticeship with one of the best wedding dress designers and hat makers in France. Each day for a week I rang in, walked up to her studio, and sewed for 4 hours, all while attempting to make conversation in French (it got pretty ugly). She had me make a wedding veil and organza flowers, and after approving my workmanship, had me work on the dresses. It. Was. Ideal. In order to use her studio footage on the site, The Society agreed not to include her name (famous people can be so touchy!) but, nonetheless, we managed to sneak it in the video. See if you can pick it out. Until next time,

Live well, Dress Better,