Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Time Out with Melanie Medina

Wearing: Vintage blazer, mustard vest, & black fur collar/Black patterned leggings/Mark Fisher hiking boots, unknown FABULOUS sunglasses.

Everything Melanie Likes, We Like.

17 year old LA native blogger Melanie Medina has some serious style. Bound to be the next Karla's Closet, we simply can't resist her edgy yet sweet ensembles. Her always effortless blends of vintage chic and modern designers always leaves us hanging for more.

Wearing: Vintage mustard blazer, sunglasses ,shoes, bag & scarf/"Stormy Night" leggings.

Designer Dreams and Handy High Fives: "Because I'm just an all-time shoe fanatic, my favorite shoe designer has to be Jeffrey Campbell. He's a genius. I would love to be able to meet him in person or design a shoe for him .. or just give him a high five. Gosh, that would be a dream come true. (Yes, I dream about designing shoes for Jeffrey Campbell & giving him high fives.)"

Retro Rêves : "If I had a time machine, I'd definitely set the date to 1960. I'd want to live where fashion was taking a turn & where something revolutionary was happening -- personal expression was at an all time high. When it comes to fashion, women wore extravagant clothes with an added edge. Short hair, long hair, men, women; everyone accepted everyone. Art, fashion, music; everything made sense."

Wearing: Vintage knit cardigan, mustard shorts & belt/Sheer black shirt.

Shopping Seductions
: "As close as I live to the heart of Los Angeles, I have to say my "hotspot" -- regarding places to shop -- is a triple-tie between Melrose Vintage in Uptown Whittier, Value Village in Bellflower, and American Vintage in Fullerton. I always fall in love with something at either one of these places. Always. Not joking."

Like Muddah like Daughtah : "I'm extremely family-oriented so I have to say my biggest inspiration has to be my mother who taught me to appreciate everything in any form. She was also very big on fashion in the 80's. Such a snazzy-looking woman! She hates when I look at old photos of her because I end up asking her why she didn't save any of her shoes. What are the odds of a mother & daughter having the same size feet!? The way a person dresses tells who they are & what kind of person they are, so I feel like who I am inspires what I wear as well."

Wearing: Vintage sequin cardigan & white booties; Uo eagle t-shirt; AA shorts.

Vintage= History :" I believe that every vintage piece of clothing that I own has a different story to tell, so I love them all equally. Same goes with shoes! But if I had to choose a favorite, I'd have to say that I am completely in love with my black balmain jacket with gold trimming. It screams elegance! Amongst the piles of shoes in my closet, I have a ton of oxfords (they'll forever be my life-long lovers). My favorite pair is the most gorgeous black Mark Fisher oxords I snagged from American Vintage. They were the first thing my eyes met at the store. Fate, I tell you! FATE!"

Chips, Fashion Week and Agyness Deyn : "My love for writing reaches the stars - but the sky is never the limit when it comes to my love for fashion. I want to incorporate both in my life's career so I'm studying to become a fashion journalist. The best of both worlds! I'd also like to go to New York Fashion Week & hang out with Agyness Deyn for like, a day. You know -- go shopping, drink tea, eat fish 'n chips! She seems so friendly! That's considered part of a plan, RIGHT?!"

Wearing: Vintage gray jacket ,button-up shirt, bag & belt/AA black trousers/Oxfords

Famous Last Words : "My personal style reflects who I am as a person -- hence the word "personal." As feminine as I dress, I always add something edgy to balance an outfit. I'm a reincarnated 60's rebel who secretly loves to watch ballet. It doesn't hurt to stand out in a crowd, either."

isn't she just precious?
To see more, check out her fabulous blog.

I dont know about you, but we're heading over tout de suite.

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