Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Camp Diaries

Oh...wait. You thought I meant the kind of camp where there's tents, dirt and those god awful things called running shoes (which should never be worn by teenage boys with jeans and a button up by the way)? Seriously, what kind of people do you think we are? All jokes aside, this is the kind of summer camp I’ve been dreaming of. It’s the pre-college program at AAU and so far the Academy of Art University has not let me down. Surrounded by the gorgeous city of San Fran, AAU has a fab location and there's creativity oozing from each, alley, street and unique boutique. The dorms here are pas mal and are made from converted buildings around town. The ladies’ dorm is an old office building and our floor is painted, very appropriately, Tiffany blue. However, the boys are incredibly lucky with a refurbished hotel and fireplaces in their rooms and private bathrooms. Seriously guys…what the heck does a teenage boy need a fireplace for? Why in the world do us girls have communal bathrooms when the boys have private ones? Goodness gracious...i guess this really does somewhat resemble camping after all.

Just's lovely here.

Anyways, AAU is very confusing to me in terms of how it's regarded in the art world. Supposedly it's the number one arts school in the country, but all the bloggers say they hate it. They're the only ones who show at Bryant Park (or now I guess it's Mr. Abe's center), but supposedly students have trouble getting jobs. The main point here is that I’m confused. If anyone has any experience please give me a ring on my cellie.

Thanks you wonderful fashionable people.