Friday, June 25, 2010

Street Style: Downtown La Jolla, CA
Good Lord! Doesn't Rebecca's internship sound superfab? Like, I'm leaking from the mouth just thinking about it. The only way to supress these sympotoms of super extreme jealousy is to go out and harass stylish strangers into letting me take pictures of them. Which brings us quite nicely to exhitbit A above. This stylish Californian has taken the teenage trend of shortshorts to new heights. With Chanelesque clog heels and a crop top (something I haven't seen anyone wear since Saved by the Bell) she screams confidence. Yet, with a formal white bias bound blazer she manages to keep from showing too much skin and adds a formal element to the look. An exclamation point necklace mixed with Ray Bans and a cute lil' scarf makes an unusal blend we melt for....oh no! the symptoms are starting again! I'll be back later, for now I gotta go find some more stylish subjects.

Rebeca and (a very jealous) Maddy!