Thursday, June 24, 2010

Intern Diaries: Part 2

Chloe Dao is just so goddamn normal. She stirrs her coffee with a chopstick like the rest of us! I felt pretty special to be chosen to intern with her this summer, given that I'm still in high school and by far her youngest intern, but I learned over lunch (all the staff has lunch together) that she's actually going to be mentoring a 16 year old soon. Whatever the difference between 'mentoring' and 'interning' is, who knows, but this 16 year old apparently wants to put on her very own charity fashion show at the Marriott (or is it Hilton? I can't quite remember) Hotel.

Wow...pretty big dreams that 16 year old's got right there! Putting on a fashion show of that caliber is pretty serious business (the sponsors? the designers? etc) and I think it's so selfless of Chloe to set aside time to make this girl's project happen. Apparently this 16 year old girl wants to go into Event-planning/fashion marketing, so this isn't a bad start....which leads me to ask you guys:

what are YOUR (fashion-related) dream jobs?
I'm really curious to hear y'alls responses!