Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Street Style: Thabour Gardens

Maddy: Oh my! What can that bright warm light coming from above possibly be that allows us to wear flippy little sundress while embracing flippy haired little French boys?

Rebecca: Golly Gee! I have no idea Maddy, but it's almost as fabulous as that combination of oxfords with a retro pattern and a red checkered shirt with leather and clean white Keds.

Maddy: Rebecca! I just looked it up in my French-English dictionary...apparently it's called a "soleil". What a strange idea! It sounds so much better than that wet stuff, rain.

Rebecca: Wow! thats fabulous.

Maddy: Fab-fab fabulous

Well obviously we have very deep and intelligent conversations, but seriously this couple was as cute as an oversized glass button on a classic trench. If they look friendly in the photo imagine them 10 times friendlier in real life. Oh the wonders and magic of the French...

Rebecca: Magic? Wonders? Maddy, why are you talking to yourself?

Maddy: Yeah, about that...

.... umm, well I gotta go so we'll see you next week, ok?