Sunday, July 25, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Indra Welman

Une Petite Robe Noire, meaning a little black dress in French, is the name of Indra Welman's newest collection that she showed at Amsterdam fashion week.Her usual bold lines and fun designs are just as apparent as always as she reinvents the classics. Wanna hear what the critics are saying? Here's a snipet on her collection from German blog, Team Peter Stitger

With her latest collection designer Indra Welman in fact released a best of collection straight away. She took the concept of the little black dress she’s so fond of and created a whole collection around it.

Each one of the little black dresses was born from a unique source of inspiration. And though sensuality is the main motive for any little black dress, Indra Welman redefined what is considered sexy.

The models had shiny white lips and did some crazy feminine poses before they started walking the runway, a hand kiss or one leg in the air, for instance. Their black dresses had lots of details like fringes and ruffles.

Yet it was not all black dresses we saw. Some black hotpants, a green top and two beige dresses with black accents on them came by too. One of those beige dresses had the shape of underwear cut out in black and attached to the front.

Indra herself appeared on stage in one of her own dresses. She gracefully walked the runway and looked very proud."

So, is the collection a hit or has the LBD been redone one too many times? We'd love to hear your two cents.