Sunday, January 17, 2010

Time Out with the Editors of Go Fug Yourself:
Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

Everyone knows that "Fugly is the new Pretty"

They're "bitchy, funny, and just a tad vicious..." and the world loves them for it. They were recipients of the 2009 Bloggies "Best Fashion Blog" over the Sartorialist, and it's not hard to see why. After all, Jessica and Heather, also known as the fug girls, know just how to combine everything the world cares about: celebrities and fashion mishaps. So settle down in your silkiest jammies and a steamin' cup of joe to see what these two girls who blogged their way to NY fashion week told us about Fuggin' it up.

As all good things do, it started at a shopping mall: "We were out shopping one day, and we noticed that every single ad and poster in the mall was TERRIBLE. Everyone looked just awful. So we started joking that maybe that was the new trend -- that fugly was the new pretty -- and, because we were totally over-caffeinated, we really found this amusing. So we basically just started the blog as an in-joke between the two of ourselves, for our friends. We never ever thought anyone else would read it."

Fashion Week ...enough said: "Fashion Week is amazing.The people watching is great and the shows are really inspiring, even when they're bad. It's just fascinating. It's one of my favorite things to do in the whole world. I always say that if I get tired of Fashion Week, I am just too tired to live."

Heather and Jessica's Latest Publication

Les Nouvelles :
HEATHER: "I had identical twin boys in June, two months early, and yet they're healthy and happy and growing. Greatest gift of 2009 by far. And one that's turned everything upside-down, in the best possible way."

JESSICA: "Heather and I are working on a fiction book aimed at young adults that will be published by an imprint of Little, Brown in 2011 -- that's VERY exciting. We can't wait for people to read it!"

The Up's and Down's of Professional Blogging: "One thing that's nice about being your own boss is, you can tailor your work hours to other commitments -- meetings, appointments, sales at Banana Republic, whatever. The down side is that often, I'll spent my evenings and nights noodling around looking for pictures I can write about in advance and set them to publish the next day, to free me up for one of our other assignments. So it really can be an all-day thing, not even just a full-time thing. It's so easy to get sucked into the photo sites and lose a few hours. To compensate I try never to use my laptop on weekends."

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