Thursday, June 10, 2010

Street Style: Midtown New York City
After returning from France just a few weeks ago, our eyes are still adjusting to the idea of (gasp!) colors and patterns. The idea of greens, reds and purples seems almost normal now, but seeing a neon orange,almost Lady GaGaesque jumpsuit with colorblocked heels was the final step in shocking us out of our France color (or lack there of) guidelines. The limits are now endless, and who knows! Maybe rainbows and sparkles will be the next staple of La Societe de Mode! The neon excitement is simply too much!

....phew, sorry about that, but jokes aside, the originality of this grandiose mass of land we like to call America is simply overwhelming. It's been eye opening to see the U.S.A. through the eyes of a European these past few weeks.