Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Society Adores You.

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And to prove our devotion, we're providing you with guilty…but fashionable, pleasures. We're giving out a free Fashion Society T-shirt to one of our lucky commentators who leaves their e-mail address in their comment before December 15th . We know what you're thinking, but it's sooo not like that. We wouldn't dare put our name on some baggy, oversized, cotton-like polyblend bag. Oh, no. Whoever is chosen at random will receive an American Apparel t-shirt in the size of their choice with our silkscreened logo. Trust us, you’re gonna look classy. So, if ready to be showered with gifts from your favorite fashion-obsessed American teenagers studying in France, then leave a comment on any post with your e-mail and just wait for our message to tell you that you've won.

Love, Your Editors
Madeline, Alec, Rebecca and Maddy
VIV’EXPO Fashion Show: 2010 Winter Collection
This past weekend, several of us at the Society had the opportunity to help out backstage and model at the Viv’Expo fashion show, featuring 2010 Winter collections of many up-and-coming fashion designers and brands including La Naturalista, Les Mirettes de Cris, Vent d'Ailleurs, and Kiki la Fee. Each fashion designer has a clothing line that features environmentally friendly clothes, made with all natural dyes and fibers. Check out the video for all the backstage and runway action!

Maddy, helping backstage, tries on the
Kiki la Fee sac

Rebecca sports the
Vent d'Ailleurs vest

Dress from the
Les Mirettes de Cris collection

Backstage managers and models try out the "Blue Steel" pose just for kicks

Though the show contained note-worthy designers, here were our favorite designers and brands:

La Naturalista: Super comfy eco friendly shoes in fun and funky colors that will spice up your monotone winter ensemble. Currently sold in most major shoe stores online, including Zappos.

Les Mirettes de Cris: Paris-based designer Christelle Abdelaziz has created a line of extremely cute and flirty dresses that would make a nice addition to any fashionista's wardrobe. We especially love the optional, removable sleeves that make the dress versatile for any weather.

Vent d'Ailleurs: Vent d'Ailleurs specializes in vests made of lamb and sheep skin, imported from Australia and New Zealand. These unbelievably soft and comfortable furs will keep you warm as you fight off the winter blizzards.

All in all,
La Société had tons of fun at Viv'Expo, and we've got our eyes peeled for these incredibly talented designers in the future.
Stay tuned, and Vive la Mode,
Time Out with Caroline Yost
Age: 16

What she's wearing: Steve Madden boots, Juicy Couture dress, ZARA jean shirt, Pierre Cardin belt, vintage bangles, Baby G watch

Midwest Charm: "My family's from Ohio, so I visit often and go thrift-store shopping. I found this Pierre Cardin belt for $3!

Boarding school chic: Caroline is currently taking a year off from St. Paul's School, a prestigious boarding school in New Hampshire, to study in Rennes.
On the Street: Lycée Students at St. Vincent
In Rennes, you don't have to wander far to find fashionable teens. Par exemple: I have lunch at St. Vincent (a private high school or lycée) every day, and can't help but notice how many well-dressed, fashion forward, and effortlessly cool students there are.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Acid Wash Jeans - Classy Badassery

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Jeans and men go hand in hand. Ever since the early days of lumberjacks and coal mining, jeans have been a staple in men's closets. But those days are over. Where does on go from the traditional blue jeans we knew and once loved? Acid-wash jeans are the next step in the development of a man's wardrobe. The random striations in the material are deliberate chaos - a paradox that implies a wild personality. It says 'I CHOOSE not to care that my jeans look like they've been through hell and back; they look cool'. Just be sure to keep the jeans rather skinny, and within a blue, grey, or black range. Anything else might look a little too crazy.

I find that for a casual look, pairing any sort of acid-wash jeans with boat-shoes or high-top sneakers looks really interesting. A basic tee and maybe a hoodie will complete the look.

Courtesy of Oleg P. of Lookbook

If you want to take your look a little farther, pair light grey/black acid-washes with black dress shoes. Throw on a button down shirt, or maybe a basic tee with a cool looking cardigan, and you have a Indie Rocker meet Old Money look.

Courtesy of Alex E. of Lookbook

And an outfit I put together

happy acid trip!

Alec Aldrich

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rennes, The Birthplace of the Society

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For goodness sakes, you don’t know where Rennes is? Dommage. Well, it fits right in between the Louvre during fashion week and the Marc Jacobs store as one of the most amazing places on Earth. It's a bit small, true, and hair straightening is out of the question considering the relentless rain, but it's all made up for by the incredible French shopping. After all, who really needs straight hair or dry shoes when you can just pop over to Texto for brand spankin' new leather boots and head down to the local Kaki Crazy Station and pick up a nice slouchy beanie to cover the frizz? So what exactly makes it so great? Well, you know how in Confessions of a Shopaholic the store windows just seduce Becky into the store? It's kind of like that. No JcPenny lighting here, K-mart flooring is a definite no, and obnoxious salespeople are all locked up away (hopefully in prison as they should be). It’s cultured shopping all the way.

So where to start? There's no where better than Crazy Republic, a superstore unique to only two locations in the world. Luckily, one of them is right here in our backyard.

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This season, this three story shopping heaven if focused on rocker chic and western vintage, carrying everything from Diesel to Hells Bells to fufill this ideal. They certianly live up to their motto the "alternative store" with unique, funky pieces, lively music, and glammed-up warehouse decor.

Courtesy of

Their runway show is something like a young Alexander McQueen production.The clothes are wild, the models eccentric and though a bit B rate,it's definately worth checking out.(head over to for a glimpse).
located at 9 rue D'antrain (Rennes, France), it's completely worth a shopping day or two, just be prepared to find yourself frantically scraping together money, wondering how soon you can get back, for days after you leave.

Live well, Dress better.

Maddy Maxey
A Blast From the Past: The Return of Old Hollywood

No one can deny the elegance and class brought to the golden age of cinema by icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Rita Hayworth. More and more this season we are seeing the glamour and poise of these idols returning to the red carpet.

Evan Rachel Wood channels 1930’s screen goddess Veronica Lake in a satin Art Deco-style gown by Elie Saab, a designer whose evening wear channels femininity, elegance, and romanticism.

Drew Barrymore evokes the romantic age of cinema in a nude embellished wedding gown by Alberta Ferretti, arranged with a netted birdcage veil and flower in her hair to complete the look.

keep the love, vive la mode,