Saturday, November 28, 2009

Acid Wash Jeans - Classy Badassery

Courtesy of Denim Therapy

Jeans and men go hand in hand. Ever since the early days of lumberjacks and coal mining, jeans have been a staple in men's closets. But those days are over. Where does on go from the traditional blue jeans we knew and once loved? Acid-wash jeans are the next step in the development of a man's wardrobe. The random striations in the material are deliberate chaos - a paradox that implies a wild personality. It says 'I CHOOSE not to care that my jeans look like they've been through hell and back; they look cool'. Just be sure to keep the jeans rather skinny, and within a blue, grey, or black range. Anything else might look a little too crazy.

I find that for a casual look, pairing any sort of acid-wash jeans with boat-shoes or high-top sneakers looks really interesting. A basic tee and maybe a hoodie will complete the look.

Courtesy of Oleg P. of Lookbook

If you want to take your look a little farther, pair light grey/black acid-washes with black dress shoes. Throw on a button down shirt, or maybe a basic tee with a cool looking cardigan, and you have a Indie Rocker meet Old Money look.

Courtesy of Alex E. of Lookbook

And an outfit I put together

happy acid trip!

Alec Aldrich